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Do you have a Trade we can Track?

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Trades Tracking is ideal for:

Builders of custom homes
Small developments

Condo projects
commercial/ larger production builders
Trades have stuck with builders
Happy Clients

Trades Tracking promotes accountability and transparency:

Builders are able to enforce their subcontract as it was intended
The trade that's responsible for a mistake is held accountable
Transparency allows the claims process to perform as it's intended

at the end of the day, builders should be the last to turn in the claim, not the first!

Trades Tracking helps contractors become claims ready:

Claims ready means

The Trades are in front of the contractors, defending them, paying for the attorneys, and then ultimately for the settlements.

Claims ready files protect

The builder's claims history from others peoples mistakes

Claims ready files help

The contractor avoid cancellations or future elevated premiums


Trades Tracking protects your relationship with your subcontractor

Trades Tracking is personable and easy to work with


Whenever possible, we keep the subcontractor or the trade  out of the middle of this and work directly with their insurance agent so we don't take too much time from the subcontractor


Our Trades Tracking App & website both allow the contractor and the subcontractor to easily check on their compliance and see what is missing.

How Trade Tracking Works
White Paper - Trades Tracking for Large Builders