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How it works

You give us

  • A copy of your subcontract
  • A list of your subcontractors and their contact information
  • Any current certificates that you have on file for your subcontractors
  • We review what we receive and provide you with any needed feedback, allowing you to update your subcontractors' insurance requirements if needed. This process allows us to tailor our approach to best meet your needs
  • Once the review is complete, we circulate the subcontract and acquire the signatures of the subcontractors
  • If a subcontractor alters a subcontract, we give it to you to evaluate whether or not that alteration is acceptable

Once the Contract is signed

Once we have a signed subcontract, we work with the subcontractors to obtain their insurance agent's information

Whenever possible, we keep the subcontractor or the trade out of the middle and work directly with their insurance agent so we don't take too much time from the subcontractor

Once Contract is received 

Once we receive insurance documents from a subcontractor or their agent, we perform a complete policy review. We are not just looking at limits. We review the entire policy for all the requirements that are listed in your subcontract.

We make sure all requirements are met

Finally, we make sure that you and your subcontractor have a report available indicating whether those requirements are met.

  • We will complete our review and update the tracking report within a week of receiving a document.
  • The subcontractor can use their phone or their laptop to look up their account and review whether or not they are in compliance. If they are not, they have the ability to forward instructions to their insurance agent.
  • The builder, using either their phone or laptop, can quickly review compliance on an organizational level, a divisional level or for a specific subcontractor. 
Trades Tracking saves builders money in a number of ways
  • By making the responsible subcontractor handle the claims they caused.
  • By protecting your loss runs to help positively impact future premiums.
  • By allowing you to use larger self-insured retentions, thereby obtaining more favorable rates.

For larger builders considering captives, Trades Tracking provides the critical element of making sure that the captive is protected from claims that are otherwise somebody else's

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